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Day 8 U20 Open and Women Finals

It’s the last day of the Joint Junior Championships. With the weather acting up a bit, there were just two finals left for Saturday. The organizers were making sure that the games wouldn’t be interrupted. Both Finals had the same teams in the Women’s and Open categories. One question remained - would it be the USA or France?

Quentin Dupré la Tour/FOCUS Ultimate

U20 Open

The first game of the day was the USA versus France. The weather was slightly breezy and the grass still remembered the morning rain. The match was fast-paced and high-intensity. France started with the first score. From then on the game was a point for point. The USA managed to bring the game to a tie. After that they fortified their defense, making it hard for the French to exit the end zone. It resulted in a spectacular Callahan for the Americans. With boosted Spirits, they delivered two more points winning the first half 8-5.

After half-time, the French tried to score, however, a few imprecise throws stopped them from doing so. The USA's advantage must have affected the team's confidence. The pressure was high! You could feel it on the sideline. In the first half, their offensive game was spotless up until Callahan. The USA was fast to take advantage of such moments and brought the score to 9-5. During the next point, the French were back with their calm offense and delivered a point! The USA was fast to counter, but an imprecise fast pass landed between the French defenders. The French took a timeout before attacking. The rain started to fall, further complicating things. A foul call by the French enabled them to repeat an attack at the end zone. The score was 9-7!

The rain was getting heavier, and so was the fan zone at the sidelines cheering for their teams. The weather didn't seem to bother any of the teams. The USA kept up their fast offense and got one point closer to winning the game. Despite USA's layout defenses, the French scored with a hammer throw. At another point, the French tried the zone defense, which was too easy for the USA to get through. The game was going back and forth with three and two-point advantages for the USA. The slippery grass started to affect the play and both teams were losing their footing, which resulted in the change of disc possession a few times. The USA brought the game to 14-11, making the efforts of the French so much more difficult. A few changes in possession of the disc resolved the game. The French lost the disc under their zone and the USA scored 15-11. The USA became the World Youth Champion in the U20 Open!

Italy won the match for bronze the day before. The Spirit of the Game went to Austria!

Quentin Dupré la Tour/FOCUS Ultimate

U20 Women's

In the second game, France confronted the USA. It was a chance for a rematch. The heavy rain from before made the grass slippery, which made the players lose the disc. The first point was full of turnovers because of the imprecise throws. 9 minutes into the game, the French scored the first score! With a layout D, the French took over the disc. The USA was fast to reply with another layout closing in on the French offense. A call “out” was called and the French accepted the loss of the disc possession. The USA recovered with their first point. Then the French were fast to add another one for themselves. The second one was scored with a layout. The USA was fast to turn then yet another point, bringing a game to another tie. The game briefly picked up the pace, however, some pick calls brought it to a stop. A long point with many changes of possession, in the end, resulted in France again being in the lead. The USA decided to try zone defense. The French seemed to deal with it easily, but risky throws resulted in the change of possessions. After a fight for control, the USA took the lead with 4-3. Another defense, and another point for the USA! The French control was slipping. With a few more defenses, the first half ended at 8-4.

A French player scored the layout the first point in the second half. The French brought the score to 9-6. To slow down team USA, they decided to try zone defense. Their opponents didn't have many problems with that and lead the match with 4 points of advantage. Another unforced mistake and a huck from the USA dropping ground, the French took the next point. The game switched from layouts and Skys to imprecise throws and drops. The French had a huge point gap to bridge. The USA led with 13 points.

The game slowly progressed with the French being successful in their quest to even out the score. They made two points in a row, lowering the point difference to three. With huge support from the sidelines, they made defense and countered. The USA was fast to reply with their player making a layout D in the end zone. Then the French again made sure to stop the play and get the disc. However, before attacking the end zone, a timeout was called. During this time the French fans tried to send good vibes to their team with chants. It seemed to work as the third point in a row belonged wholly to the French! It was time for USA's sideline to rally up their team. The game was past its time and the game was to end at 14 points. The French attacked again with a block, but a throw to the ground sent the USA back into the offense. The French were back in the attack and the tension went up. A drop in the end zone for the French then had the USA back in the attack. Though the French were not giving up! They made yet another defense! The crowd burst with energy as finally, they scored, closing on the Americans. The score was 13-12. They had to keep it up, otherwise, the USA would take the gold. The Americans made it to the zone with a fast, strategic offense. However, the layout in the end zone didn't result in the point. The French were back with the disc, and a timeout was called. The USA was back in defense. In the middle of the field, they stopped the French, forcing the player to make a risky throw which, in the end, cost them the Championship! The USA was fast to counter, winning the game 14-12!

Yesterday the Canadians won the game for the bronze medal. The Spirit of the game went to Austria.

Quentin Dupré la Tour/FOCUS Ultimate

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Best in Spirit

The Spirit of the Game is an important category in our sport. It's what differentiates it from the others. It's not only a way of acting during the game. It's a way of life if you dare to notice the good it brings into your life. During the tournament, there were many talks between the teams which in the future will surely pay off in how they perceive it.

The Spirit results are as followed:

  • U17 Open - Italy
  • U17 Women’s - Great Britain
  • U17 Mixed - Austria
  • U20 Open - Austria
  • U20 Women’s - Austria
  • U20 Mixed - Slovakia.

Quentin Dupré la Tour/FOCUS Ultimate

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